IPABatch Size:5 gal.
Brewed By: David FieldsEfficiency:75%
Malt NameWt. (lbs.)% of Mash
Pale Malt 2-Row (Briess)8.568.0
Aromatic Malt.54.0
Munich Malt1.512.0
Total Weight12.50
Mash & Sparge Water info.
Strike Temp.Mash In GallonsSparge GallonsSparge Temp.
170.5F3.6 gal.4.4 gal.170F
Hop VarietyAlpha Acid %Amt. (oz.)Boil (min.)Hop IBU
Cascade - Pellet7.10.5157.0
Centennial - Pellet9.519040.5
Cascade - Pellet7.10.5105.1
Columbus - Pellet15.511022.4
Beer Stats
Estimated Beer ColorSGABV(%)AA(%)Balance Value (BV)
7 SRM1.0677.988.13.22
FGIBUCaloriesTarget BV
(per 16 oz. Pint)
Target Beer Style Info. & Typical Ingredients
American IPA

SG Range: 1.056 to 1.075
FG Range: 1.010 to 1.018
IBU Range: 40 to 60+
SRM Range: 6 to 15
Pale ale malt (well-modified and suitable for single-temperature infusion mashing); American hops; American yeast that can give a clean or slightly fruity profile. Generally all-malt, but mashed at lower temperatures for high attenuation. Water character varies from soft to moderately sulfate.
This information is derived from the BJCP Style Guidelines, 2008 edition, with permission of the copyright owner, Beer Judge Certification Program, Inc. The most current version of the full guidelines can be found on the BJCP website, www.bjcp.org.
Session Notes
Yeast Strain(s) Used: 1056 Wyeast
Fermentaion Temp: 70F
IPA mashed higher than desired wanted to mash at 150-151. Also used citra hops not columbus but there was not an option for that.