Batch 5 - Scottish Experiment Wee HeavyBatch Size:5 gal.
Brewed By: Joel and DarsiEfficiency:73%
Malt NameWt. (lbs.)% of Mash
Pale Malt 2-Row (Maris Otter)1074.8
Smoked Malt.251.9
Roasted Barley.251.9
Crystal (60L)17.5
Pale Ale Malt17.5
Total Weight13.38
Mash & Sparge Water info.
Strike Temp.Mash In GallonsSparge GallonsSparge Temp.
177.3F3.3 gal.5.0 gal.170F
Hop VarietyAlpha Acid %Amt. (oz.)Boil (min.)Hop IBU
Cascade - Whole8.416029.1
Cascade - Whole8.40.5157.2
Cascade - Whole8.40.552.9
Beer Stats
Estimated Beer ColorSGABV(%)AA(%)Balance Value (BV)
24 SRM1.0728.386.11.48
FGIBUCaloriesTarget BV
(per 16 oz. Pint)
Target Beer Style Info. & Typical Ingredients
Export 80/-

SG Range: 1.040 to 1.054
FG Range: 1.010 to 1.016
IBU Range: 15 to 30
SRM Range: 9 to 17
Scottish or English pale base malt. Small amounts of roasted barley add color and flavor, and lend a dry, slightly roasty finish. English hops. Clean, relatively un-attenuative ale yeast. Some commercial brewers add small amounts of crystal, amber, or wheat malts, and adjuncts such as sugar. The optional peaty, earthy and/or smoky character comes from the traditional yeast and from the local malt and water rather than using smoked malts.
This information is derived from the BJCP Style Guidelines, 2008 edition, with permission of the copyright owner, Beer Judge Certification Program, Inc. The most current version of the full guidelines can be found on the BJCP website,
Session Notes
Yeast Strain(s) Used: Edinburgh Ale Yeast WLP028
Fermentaion Temp: 68F
First use of home made wort chiller. Pitched Yeast at 79 degrees. Plan to ferment in 50 to 60 degrees after main fermentation begins.