Chocolate/Raspberry StoutBatch Size:5.5 gal.
Brewed By: Fox Island BrewingEfficiency:65%
Malt NameWt. (lbs.)% of Mash
Pale Malt 2-Row (Briess)1065.6
Flaked Barley213.1
Wheat Malt.754.9
Special B.503.3
Black Patent.251.6
Brown Sugar (dark).754.9
Total Weight15.25
Mash & Sparge Water info.
Strike Temp.Mash In GallonsSparge GallonsSparge Temp.
170.9F4.4 gal.4.6 gal.170F
Hop VarietyAlpha Acid %Amt. (oz.)Boil (min.)Hop IBU
Hallertauer - Whole4.519016.3
Hallertauer - Whole4.517515.9
Simcoe - Pellet12111.9
Beer Stats
Estimated Beer ColorSGABV(%)AA(%)Balance Value (BV)
38 SRM1.0646.475.01.11
FGIBUCaloriesTarget BV
(per 16 oz. Pint)
Target Beer Style Info. & Typical Ingredients
Sweet Stout

SG Range: 1.044 to 1.060
FG Range: 1.012 to 1.024
IBU Range: 20 to 40
SRM Range: 30 to 40
The sweetness in most Sweet Stouts comes from a lower bitterness level than dry stouts and a high percentage of unfermentable dextrins. Lactose, an unfermentable sugar, is frequently added to provide additional residual sweetness. Base of pale malt, and may use roasted barley, black malt, chocolate malt, crystal malt, and adjuncts such as maize or treacle. High carbonate water is common.
This information is derived from the BJCP Style Guidelines, 2008 edition, with permission of the copyright owner, Beer Judge Certification Program, Inc. The most current version of the full guidelines can be found on the BJCP website,
Session Notes
Yeast Strain(s) Used: WLP004 Irish Ale
Fermentaion Temp: 68F
1) The 2 lbs of Flaked Barley helps with the creamy head. ...2) The Listed Brown Sugar Dark is actually cocoa that is added in the last 15 min (cocoa was not listed as an option in the drop-down)...3)Sour 2 bottles or cans of Guinness by leaving the contents out in a bowl for 4-7 days before brew day (this mimics how Guinness actually sours part of its wort before fermentation). Add the soured Guinness at flame out.... 4)Add 4lbs of Raspberries that have been pasteurized (or canned Raspberry puree) in the secondary.