Island Heritage Strawberry WitBatch Size:5.5 gal.
Brewed By: Fox Island BrewingEfficiency:65%
Malt NameWt. (lbs.)% of Mash
Wheat Malt5.2535.6
Pale Malt 2-Row (Briess)533.9
Flaked Oats1.5 10.2
Munich Malt1.5 10.2
Total Weight14.75
Mash & Sparge Water info.
Strike Temp.Mash In GallonsSparge GallonsSparge Temp.
168.8°F4.2 gal.4.0 gal.170°F
Hop VarietyAlpha Acid %Amt. (oz.)Boil (min.)Hop IBU
Hallertauer - Whole4.513011.7
Simcoe - Pellet12158.9
Beer Stats
Estimated Beer ColorSGABV(%)AA(%)Balance Value (BV)
5 SRM1.0646.981.30.77
FGIBUCaloriesTarget BV
(per 16 oz. Pint)
Target Beer Style Info. & Typical Ingredients

SG Range: 1.044 to 1.052
FG Range: 1.008 to 1.012
IBU Range: 10 to 20
SRM Range: 2 to 4
About 50% unmalted wheat (traditionally soft white winter wheat) and 50% pale barley malt (usually Pils malt) constitute the grist. In some versions, up to 5-10% raw oats may be used. Spices of freshly-ground coriander and CuraƧao or sometimes sweet orange peel complement the sweet aroma and are quite characteristic. Other spices (e.g., chamomile, cumin, cinnamon, Grains of Paradise) may be used for complexity but are much less prominent. Ale yeast prone to the production of mild, spicy flavors is very characteristic. In some instances a very limited lactic fermentation, or the actual addition of lactic acid, is done.
This information is derived from the BJCP Style Guidelines, 2008 edition, with permission of the copyright owner, Beer Judge Certification Program, Inc. The most current version of the full guidelines can be found on the BJCP website,
Session Notes
Yeast Strain(s) Used: WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale
Fermentaion Temp: 68°F
This is a beer brewed to celebrate the history of Fox Island WA were I live and brew. The Island was settled in the late 1800's and was known for it's Fruit, Vegetable and Strawberry farms. The Honey is added at 10 minutes left to the boil along with .8 oz crushed Coriander, 1.5 oz sweet orange peel,.5 oz lemon zest and .5 oz lime zest....Later, 4 lbs of Sliced Strawberry's that have been blanch-pasteurized in a small amount of 180* water are added when racking to the secondary fermentor for 7 days. Rack to a third fermentor and cold crash for 3-5 days to let all strawberry bi-product settle out. Enjoy!!!